Happy Ozedis leaf festival! Ine Ozett!

The Ozedis (leaf festival city) leaf festival (ozett) is a festival dedicated to plants.

Every july 19, Ozedisians, and more recently, Sansisians, reunite to celebrate Ozett.

Long ago, ozedisians discovered woodworking, but were afraid to hurt their world, so some neighbours on a small town now called “banozes” “banozes” (first leaf town) decided to host a votation, regarding the public’s preferred tree leaf, and the most voted tree was planted in the town center.

Now the top 30 votations are planted in each town, all over sansis.

The most popular tree is the Judas-tree (æmiri-mjære – love-tree)

Ozett is also the start of the Sansis Pride month (it’s a semester) (semirhe – from senbo–amiri–rhe, all-love-time, time for/of all loves) (also referred to færhe – flower time/trans time) due to the original meaning of Fawêr (Transgender [person]) was flower (reloaned as fawar).

a drawing i made during art summer camp :3